Intuitive Counseling

Empowering from Within

Seeking guidance from the bounty of resources that are yours… 

the Source from which 

you come forth.

Follow Your Lead

Trust what resonates 

and what doesn’t.

And if I can be of service 

to you and your journey,

it is truly an honor.

Trusting Inner Guidance

... is key, though we can light the way

for one another, your potential and fullness is mastered through

Self Knowledge and Self Awareness.

Let us reconnect what is seemingly disconnected. Let us find what we seemingly have lost. Thus is the play of life, of living. Opening our hearts makes all possible, and the places we have yet to voyage as a human species will require the necessary opening of the heart’s gates, where all therein resides.

Be softer about it, move with the ease of the buffalo on an open plain, of the octopus in the night sea.

You are made up of the wonders of the cosmos and divine is your nature. 

Let stars dance beneath your feet and joy be at your fingertips

and kindness utter from your lips. Let love radiate from you,

oh blessed Being of Light.

You are the Sacred Reborn

Experiences are not You. 

They are that which come from you.

Indeed they shape and form

that which is of you, though they 

are not You. You are 

the Sacred reborn.

Who am I?

Ask yourself this and move

beyond it until there is no more you.

Simply. All. One... Being.

That which exists...

beyond boundaries,

beyond definitions,

beyond knowing,

is that which is.