Dear Soul Adventurer,     

My truest heart's desire is living INSPIRATION : ) and remembering who I am... lighting and shining the way, supporting you in remembering who you are. That you, too, will shine your light ever bright--leading and inspiring the way for others! That we may live more fully and intuitively, honoring and trusting the inner guidance of our Heart that connects us all.     

That you see the beautiful garden that you are and flourish--you gorgeous garden, you! That you may sit with more ease and joy in the temporal saddle of life or if you wish to take it off and rest on your horse, elephant, dragon or... ; ) knowing you are loved unconditionally and supported by the Sacred Source that IS you. Boundless. Limitless. Magnificent YOU!    

Many roots lead to the same tree, as many seas lead to Earth's one ocean... and though I am but one root and one sea, if I may be of service to your journey, it is truly an honor.

Naomi uses abilities we ALL have... clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentient with her work as a Medium, Intuitive Counselor and Teacher. She is a writer and mother to a beautiful son, her favorite teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Multicultural Education and currently a Doctor of Education in Health Sciences student. As a global villager : ) she travels for the love of adventuring, learning and sharing it all.