"Energy Comes, Energy Goes"

                     ... in the Dance of Life & Soul Evolution

A Collection of Stories that Honor

Our Heart's Wisdom and Love's Timelessness


"Energy Comes, Energy Goes"

I Remember You, Remember Me?

We share an adventure,  

an adventure called life. 

So many lives we have lived, 

so many lifetimes we have shared together, 

and here we are again.

A story of how love helps us remember, 

and how there really is no ending or beginning...

only the experiencing of it.

I Kissed a Bumblebee

A story about a young boy and his bicycle, Pepe. They are enjoying a ride together during their favorite time of day, when the sun starts melting away in the summer sky, and this is when they find a bumblebee. 

In one moment, it was buzzing about to and fro from flower to flower drinking delicious nectar, and in the next moment it is transitioning from its body and returning to Source energy. How very special it is to share a journey's end and be there for the moment when life leaves a body.

And Really, Life Couldn't Have Been Better

Nestled high in the breezy branches of a blooming birch tree, beyond the meadow and the pond, atop a hill, behind the red brick house with a big red barn, a plump, green caterpillar awoke to a morning that would take it to another adventure and transition from its body and move onto other expressions and experiences.... its body becoming and nourishing three little songbirds. Energy is simply always shifting, as life is a dance of energy coming and going... sharing and changing, exchanging.

"What a marvelous and magical dance energy is when we give and receive with love and gratitude," Mother Cardinal reflects as she cheerfully sings on. 

A Grasshopper and a Garden Sprite

There lives a lovely land off far, far away of floating hills and singing waterfalls,  where colors dance to greet the speckled suns, and trees wriggle and giggle to play with pixies for fun. 

This is a tale of friendship and appreciation when the best of companions, who have never been apart, not even for a day or from each other far way, choose to experience an Earth life separate and far apart... to learn and to grow.

Mindful Tools For Our 

Children's Hearts and Hands, 

Our Teachers...

"Energy Comes, Energy Goes"


“A healing book that touches your heart in a profound and loving way. 

What a beautiful reminder of why we’re here and what life's journey is truly about." 

— Elisa Medhus M.D., author of 3 award-winning parenting books, 

My Son and the Afterlife and My Life after Death

"Naomi sees the world through the eyes of a child and the wisdom of a sage. "Energy Comes, Energy Goes" offers a whimsical perspective on the cycle of life and death, coming and going, in colorful storytelling that will be enjoyed by child and adult alike. Bravo, Naomi!" 

-- Jan Birchfield, Ph.D., Shamanic Healer and Founder of Contemplative Leadership Development and Retreat


co-authored with Spirit Council and Teacher, Thadius