Conscious Living Classes

Classes can be modified to accommodate a variety of groups and levels of interactivity. 

What is Heart Health?

Learn how the health of our heart, our energetic Grand Central Station, can mean well being or being unwell. See your heart’s health from your own personal perception using the heart's “Star Map." What can our electromagnetic center teach us about our Self and tell us about one another by its interconnected nature with everyone and everything?

What is Food?

Think about nutrition like you never have before! How much energy does our body use from nutrition anyway? Learn about the energetic exchange between your body and food. Never count another calorie! And what is a scale for anyway? : )   

What is Healing?

A dynamic and energetic perspective of what healing is. What is it really? Taking a closer look at the interconnectedness of its energetic exchange and processes. What is a healer? Who is healing who? Can I become a healer? All of this and more... let’s dive into the deep and welcoming waters.

What is Time?

It begins from conception in a linear pattern of tick-tock-tick-tock, but is that really all it is? Can we understand and appreciate time from a different vantage point, and can it be so simple? Better understand the faithful and loyal companion and teacher time is, and discover how it serves you until you return to that of your true [timeless] nature.

You and Your Energetic Bodies

How is our life expressed through the interconnectedness dance of our Energetic Bodies (Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul) and what is the key role of the heart? As taught to me by my teacher in Spirit, Thadius, this class also features related channeled writings from Thadius and other areas based on requests, questions and inspirations.

What is Connective Communication?

Let’s simplify and demystify! Learn how various roles like Psychic, Healer, Shaman, Medium, Channel and more all point to the same thing--Connective Communication. Hear how Naomi learned to trust her inner guidance to meet and communicate with her Spirit Council, Teachers and Advisor. Learn how to tune in and trust your own innate abilities, guidance and the bounty of resources you have!

If We Are Life Than What is Death?

In remembering who we are, let’s talk about how we experience hello and goodbye, again and again. Can we appreciate that birth and death, our "enter stage left and exit stage right" is more like a magnificent revolving door… the ones we all like to play with in grand hotels? Hear from a Medium’s vastly varied experiences as she continues to learn about: past, current and future lives, death and dying, life and living, realms and realities--an ode to the many delicious flavors and layers of the cake! : )

Children's Classes

What is Energy?

This is a highly interactive, Harry Potter looking class where children do 3 activities together, using creation and intention. With a partner, they work/play with energy wands, within a small group they construct a stick, stone n' string tool, and as a large group, use their senses and emotions to recognize and affect their own and one another’s energy fields--expressing and experiencing interconnectedness.

What is a Mistake?

Shout it from the rooftops and the mountain tops—go ahead! Mistakes are learning and growing disguised and misunderstood. This class focuses on developing Social Emotional skills, with exercises on recognizing, listening to and trusting our inner voice. Let’s be kinder and gentler with each other and ourselves in the process of sharing mistakes.

What is Truth?

Learn about what happens in our bodies and hearts when we say “and” about one another’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings instead of “but.” This class is structured around Social Emotional skill-building activities like “Who am I, Without You?” and “Let’s Build a Bridge,” and also focuses on strengthening peer learning using nonverbal communication.