Soul Path Guidance

Soul Path Guidance provides profound insight, clarity and understanding. Allow yourself to step into a greater knowing of your true nature and your Soul's Path and Purpose. Enrich your life by giving your self this gift of guidance and bringing about more appreciation for its wondrous creation and purpose. Other lifetimes can also provide valuable information and that knowledge can support you in immeasurable ways in this life, serving you on your Soul's journey.

Heart Energy Healing

Heart Healing happens through coded material and can be called psychic or spiritual surgery. Together with Spirit healers, your heart's instructional material is reconstructed and recalibrated to a Vibrational Attunement that is your true nature. Symptoms, ailments, disease and difficult life situations are not focused upon as they are believed to be messengers efforting to deliver messages through life's experiences. Messages, instructions and requests are also sometimes offered during a session.

Family Counseling

Relationship Dynamics  ~  A new perspective and insight can be very supportive in assisting you with personal growth and on your life's path.

Before Birthing  ~  Allows you to meet the Soul of your child (adopted, foster or biological) and bring understanding to the connections and purpose in sharing another life adventure together. This can take place before or after birthing or when meeting and welcoming a new Light into your family.

Transition Counseling  ~  Provides Life Path communication for someone who is transitioning and/or for their family and friends. By communicating with Soul, and sharing how Divine timing is a part of their life's path, great peace and comfort can be experienced in a place often filled with confusion and uncertainty.

Spirit Communication  ~  Provides communication for someone who has passed away, whether years ago or recently. When spirit transitions from the body, it can be difficult for those they seemingly depart from. This communication shows a continued connection and allows for greater understanding and higher purpose to be shared.


Animal Communication

Whether an animal is still here or passed on, Naomi uses your connection with them to communicate.

Services are offered in person, by telephone and Skype.

A session can be provided in your home or office, if you live in St. Augustine or the surrounding area.

* Naomi donates time every month to a group she feels she can contribute to, either with a Service or Group Reading. Both in the US and internationally, she has served the human family in various ways by helping disadvantaged youth, older adults in assisted living facilities, incarcerated men, children and adults in grief therapy and teen mothers. Please contact Naomi If there is a cause, event or opportunity you would like her to volunteer her time for.

Group Circles

Soul Path Messages


Group Circles are available for a variety of groups, events and venues where individual Messages can be given privately or shared in a group setting. 

* Rates dependent on group size and length of time.