Thank you for what you so graciously share...

Wow! What words to try to find? Naomi's sight and translations are truly the most magical experiences I've ever had. I have sat with her many, many, many times now, and each session blows me away. I literally get butterflies and anxiety-excitement before I enter into her presence. It truly is like going for a journey so far away from anything your mind could possibly imagine... and this is our infinite reality! Naomi awakens me to the truth that life is so much more than what we can grasp, forever. I have never in my life met someone like her... so mystical and so incredibly enchanting. What a gift this life this, and she is our reminder... amidst all pain and suffering. We will not forget the magic, she will not let us. April D., NM  


Who am I? Where do I come from?  What is my purpose in this lifetime?  It's really difficult to articulate the impact of having these questions answered, but that is what happens in my sessions with Naomi.  As a result of her counsel, I have experienced a profound healing and awakening to my own true nature.  I am immeasurably grateful to her for sharing her gift with the world. 

Claudia G., NM

Blessings to you and what you do for humanity. I am honored and humbled to share the work of spirit together and in accord with our evolutionary expansion. Much love, Chante H., South Africa

I've had several sessions with Naomi throughout the last few years. Her gift is she totally surrenders to spirit every time we come together. She gets right in there and respects the spirit world so deeply, it's contagious! Thank you for your light, wisdom and seeing me like no one else can. You have helped me with seeing my choices from my higher self, and believing in my inner wisdom! Thank you for seeing the whole me, and communicating from that perspective. Till our next episode of my evolutionary journey, sending love your way! So happy you are here on this earthly adventure with us :) xo Love you!! Regina P., NM

I had a wonderful reading with Naomi. I laughed and cried; I was entertained and enlightened. Overall, I left this amazing experience feeling excited about my life and with a deep sense of well-being. I have had many readings in the past and this one definitely stood apart as being filled with the energy and spirit of my truth — so healing and helpful. I have deep appreciation for the gifts Naomi brings to the world. Andrea B., ME

THANKS from the deepest place within me for being such a Spiritual Bad-Ass!!!! One without judgement, and one with a deep Seeing beyond the physical realm touching Soul level. This ability originating and emanating I imagine from experience and a deep knowing translated into both humor, anecdote and a “right -on” sister beingness/attitude, which is received from the recipient of your offerings with such grace, warmth, understanding and a Sense of being understood, seen, accepted and all with camaraderie rolled into ONE!!! Ellie S., NM   

Over the years I have had a number of sessions with Naomi, and to this day, I turn back to my work with her as a source of healing and insight. She has recognized past lives that were impacting my present life, and, therefore, were important to share. She has communed with my spirit guides, and shared wisdom coming from my Higher Self that needed to be spoken. She is a gifted seer and communicates what she sees in a beautiful, often poetic way. Her insight is incisive and she doesn’t filter what she sees - which I really appreciate - but speaks the truth of what is coming through. She has helped me discern “next steps” and given me courage when times have been challenging. Naomi is a rare gem - a gifted healer and a person of integrity. She is grounded and wise beyond her years. I am grateful to have her in my life. Jan B., NM

After having heart healing with Naomi, I really felt like I had spiritual surgery, even though I’m not exactly sure what it is. I slept the entire day and cried a lot and released what I had been holding inside. That night I had vivid dreams about situations I had been dealing with in my life, and I began to see it with clarity. I attribute this all to the healing, and I am so thankful. Ana L., Denmark

Dearest Naomi, thank you for helping me through my darkest hour. May you forever be blessed with all you do in being of service to others. I have a new outlook on my life, and I don’t feel like my age of 74 years nor will I ever again! Experiencing past lives was awe-inspiring, and I am writing again for the first time in years. I believe it is coming from so many experiences I felt were my imagination, but now I know with certainty it is from prior lives. Much love to you. Martha P., CO – retired professor at UCLA

After much difficulty getting pregnant with our second child, when we finally did we were very excited to communicate with his energy. Being able to connect with him before he was born meant the world to us and our family celebrated him before he was even born! We are grateful more than words can say. Continue to share your gifts with the world. Dina & Matthew R., MA

How did you see my heart from so far away? I don’t understand this, but you did. You saw my heart, and my life and my grief and my worries and my children. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time in my life. 

With gratitude, Ajma Y., Thailand

When my mother was passing, it was hard on the family in many ways because we had been estranged from her for years. Naomi brought a peace to our home and helped show us the purpose to the family being together after so long. It was a huge relief like I’ve never felt before, like the greatest burden had been lifted from me of the guilt I had been carrying. It was such a special day for my family, and I am so grateful to her and her gifts. 

Blessings and gratitude from the Delgado family.  Olivia S., TX 

Naomi did a Soul Path reading for my girlfriends and I, and we were blown away. And I can’t speak for my friends, but I will say for myself I never cried so much in my life. I felt like my chest was exploding with love for everyone and everything, but exploding is not the right word. I wish everyone could experience that feeling of how we are all connected and everything is one. I feel like a flood of love has been given to my life ever since that happened. I will definitely be seeing her again. Thank you Naomi! Jennie S., FL – college student 

Through having had many readings with Naomi, I have come to better understand and grasp the nature of existence. Many questions have been answered, and there are insights into things that I would not have come to know had it not been for her unique and special abilities. Micah C., CO

You dazzle like a diamond and you are a rock to stand on. Much love and appreciation! Estelle D., Spain

After my boyfriend took his life, I was depressed for months. I felt separate from everything around me and like no one understood what I was going through. But after talking to him through Naomi, my whole life changed. My heart started to heal and I’m not a wreck anymore because I understand so much more about my life and what our relationship was for. What meant the most to me was seeing how I don't have to say goodbye. Naomi shared her story I Remember You, Remember Me, and I’ll never be the same.  Amanda M., Australia, 20 years old

Naomi has been a star in my life, and I am eternally thankful that she is brave enough to shine her light so that I would consider shining mine. At first I will say what she is not. Naomi is not a fortune teller, but if you want to understand more pieces of the puzzle that make up your life she’s your gal. She can see into your heart and see you in a way no one in my life ever has! She will tell you who is here with you helping you and guiding you, and I have spoken with my guides through her. She helped show me what I was so fearful of and why and how to embrace my gifts I had been given. And she won’t tell you what to do. As she says, “there are so many moving parts and all parts are always moving” and “you’re in the driver’s seat,” but she informs in such a way that it is profound and accurate. I am a healthier human being because of her, both in my body and my spirit. Though she will remind you that it’s all you, that you are leading your own way! 

Chandler B., GA   

I consider Naomi a dear friend I met along my travels in East Africa many years ago. And though I have never been brave enough to have a reading with her, I have seen the results of her work with my colleagues and friends. Her grace and presence is love in a very human way, and she is funny and alarmingly does not filter what comes through. Dr. Anna S., New Zealand

I wish I had met Naomi years ago because she opened my eyes to a whole new world and a whole new way of understanding my life! 

Ever grateful, Marc S., AZ – police officer 

My family recently experienced a tragedy and I needed help understanding why God would let this to happen. I was so angry and confused. My mother’s friend recommended Naomi so we made an appointment to see her, but I don’t think my mother was ready. She still holds a lot of anger about the situation, but for me it was the greatest peace I could ask for. I hadn’t been sleeping for weeks and for the first time after we went to see her I slept through the whole night and had the most beautiful dream about my brother, Kyle, who died. Ever since then I feel a lot more calm and it’s still really hard to deal with, but I feel like my brother gave me something that day with Naomi, and I believe he’s still with me, just in a different way now. Kyra W., FL – 18 years old 

I wish I could describe how Naomi has affected my life, but I don’t believe I can. She gave my family and I an understanding about how past lives and those relationships intersect with this one and we can’t thank her enough. It was the elephant in the room that for many years was avoided because it was painful, but now has been replaced with more love for one another and a deep sense of peace. Colin K., England     

I needed to connect with my dog, Sumba, who had passed last year. I missed her every day and felt lost without her. I’ve never believed in mediums before, but Naomi connected me with my dog, and I had an amazing reading. I was able to communicate and have a beautiful time with her how I never had before when she was still alive. I can never not believe in mediums again! What a gift you gave me. Thank you so much. Callie H., CA

THANK YOU so much Naomi! I always have this sense of extreme peace after I speak to you! It's like being connected with so profoundly and on such a deep soul level… of being so seen and heard from a place that I can't often access unless I'm in meditation, that "it all" feels enveloped in a blanket of peace and stillness, a deep ocean of love and open heartedness. A place of "it's ok-ness "... often after a session I feel to connect with those I love and just be and emanate from this overflowing limitless ocean of love.. Your gift touches deeply and profoundly and illuminates and decodes, gives a language to in an energetic form as well as word… and all with humor! My FAVORITE way to learn! Humor and laughter! You are one of my favorite "irreverent reverents"! My favorite tribe!  Thank you from the deepest part of me connecting with my physical self so we can be friends and hear one another! I trust you. My entire body is tingling with vibrant energy, completely revivified and alive feeling...head to toe in a cocoon of love and qi!!! Love love love! Jai Ma!!! Ellie S., NM

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